Topic 5: Lessons Learnt – Future Practice

  • What are the most important things that I have learnt through my engagement in the ONL course? Why?

From the start, I was slightly scared and apprehensive.  I was not clear as to what to expect.  The first thing that I learned is that I was not the only that was scared and a little apprehensive.  The next thing I learned was…just do it i.e. overcome your fears and embrace this new challenge.  I was fortunate to be part of a group in which we supported each other, everyone was in it for the right reasons and the perspectives shared was amazing.  Our learning was scaffolded and within a very short time we went from crawling to running.  Because of the amazing people in my group and the support and encouragement I learned how to use new tools which in my mind started a process of rethinking….how can I make things better for my students?  The whole experience sensitized me more to what my first year students might be going through as they recently embarked on a new learning journey of their own with new rules and new structures and new demands and how confused they might have been or still are.

  • How will my learning influence my practice?
  1. Be more sensitive…my students are new, to not only higher education but also each module they complete.
  2. I will place more emphasis on how I scaffold their learning.
  3. Set realistic expectations for them so that they feel more in control of what is happening.
  4. Create more opportunities for peer-to-peer learning so that they start constructing support networks for themselves.
  5. Consider the blend and obtain feedback regarding what happens in class to set in motion continuous improvement and thereby encouraging them to engage more.
  • What are my thoughts about using technology to enhance learning/teaching in my own context?

Technology in teaching and learning is empowering.  It enables students to, in a manner of speaking, study at their own pace.  Yes, I do introduce students to concepts in class but technology enables persistence of information which means that the student can go back to the content and re-engage with it, reflect on it and help them identify areas where they need additional help thereby making support from my side as a lecturer more focused.  I have learned to use so many new tools which can support collaboration and peer to peer learning.

  • What suggestions do I have (activities and/or in general) for development of eLearning in my own teaching or context? 

I intend on using Padlet for my assessment preparation classes so that students get a good overview of the concepts covered in a particular learning unit and how these concepts relate.

I am fortunate that my institution supports the implementation of eLearning initiatives and will make full use of the tools to actively engage in the learning design process and in turn learn from my students to ensure that they get the best I have to offer.


2 thoughts on “Topic 5: Lessons Learnt – Future Practice

  1. Hi Susan,

    i really liked the way you have put together how this will affect your future practice. In particular, the first point you brought across to being sensitive, and is important for teachers to help students adapt to the new learning environment, and also be able to understand the relevance of the module.


  2. Hello Susan! That’s a good guideline you’ve set up for yourself. Even I fasting for the word “sensitive”. It’s a good thing to get a bit more sensitive. I think we all gott a bit more sensitive. It´s what happens when you are getting more aware of things. We can see phenomena and phenomena a little more clearly. And we can put it to words. Is it not that what learning is about?! / Charlotte


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